Becoming a Ghost

3 minute read

I’ve never been completely happy with my blog. I’ve often tried to get it how I wanted it but I’ve never been able to quite get there. There were various functionality issues and frankly it was never what I had envisioned. For quite a while now I’ve had my eye on a blogging system called “Ghost” which I first discovered when I stumbled across Troy Hunt’s blog and again on Scott Helme’s blog.

Discovering Ghost

I quite often look around sites to see what software they run and was originally quite puzzled by Troy’s blog. There was nothing in the source code that was related to WordPress (a very common website Content Management System or CMS) which it looked like it could have been. It made me curious and so I investigated further which was where I discovered the blogging platform Ghost.

Both of their blogs stuck me as being fast but I put that down to their knowledge of websites but it turns out that it’s mostly down to Ghost. It was originally developed by John O’Nolan who used to work for WordPress. He envisioned a fast, modern platform that was dedicated to the needs of bloggers and got nearly £200,000 in funding from Kickstarter. That was back in 2013 and it’s come a long way since.

Migrating from WordPress

My old blog ran on Wordpress and while it worked it had a lot of features that I didn’t use or would ever need. It was so easy to set up Ghost and as I host it myself it keeps costs low though for $19 a month you can get Ghost blog hosted by Ghost themselves but does add a lot of complexity in order to do it right. The upside is I have free reign over the server and can apply all the security features I like, Woo! Once I had Ghost configured I ran Ghost’s plugin on my WordPress site to export my data and imported it into Ghost. It went so smoothly and now all my posts are on here.

The Future

I’m sure I’ll still find many hours worth of tweaking to do on my new server but I also want to post more frequently. It’s a bit difficult deciding what to write about as I could get really technical and baffle most people or review products or something else. It’s a real problem, finding things to write about that interest more than a tiny minority of people. I need your help, please send me ideas or requests for posts via any of the social links at the side of this page (also viewable on

Just a little site note: The name “Ghost” is so cool! It’s a great feeling when you’re typing a command and finish it with “Ghost”, “sudo systemctl restart ghost” for instance. It reminds me of a movie…