Is Your Computer Warning You?

4 minute read

We’ve all been there, whether it’s checking your bank account or chatting on Facebook, an problem occurs. Your device could show a so called “Blue Screen Of Death”, an error message or something else. It’s worth noting that some problem could have high costs to repair.

Problem Warning Signs

There are all sorts of tell-tale signs that something could be wrong, some of which are more obvious than others. Here, I shall list some of the main ones and what to watch out for.


As simple as it sounds, if your computers time is wrong this can cause all sorts of issues, encryption and many other security features are very sensitive to time differences. Many problems will occur if the time gets too far out; security and other key functionality will be compromised.

What can I do?

Try synchronising the time with a time server, you can do that by following this guide. Once you have done that, turn the computer off for half an hour then switch it back on. You have probably solved the issue if the time is correct when you turn it back on. However, if the time is incorrect again then you need to have a battery inside the computer replaced which requires taking it to a professional.


Although it may seem obvious, the temperature of your computer matters – it should be as cool as possible. Now, like desktops laptops shouldn’t get too warm despite be designed to be able to operate at around 70°C. You can tell if your computer is getting too warm if the fan is making a lot of noise for a long period of time. The computer will probably feel warm if this is the case. Leaving laptops on carpets, chairs, beds etc. is a bad idea because the fan will suck up any dirt, dust, hair (or curry as I’ve seen in one laptop… Don’t put your laptop on your curry if you want the technician who repairs it to smile at you!) and obviously a fan won’t be operating anywhere near as efficiently or at all if it is clogged up.

What can I do?

Well, for starters try to keep your computer clean, all computers get dusty and the best thing to do is keep them on a hard, flat surface with proper ventilation for the fans when using them. It’s not always convenient to do this so if you notice your computer getting hotter than usual or a build-up of dust and dirt I highly recommend taking it to a professional to be cleaned. If computers overheat then it can permanently damage components in which case, you’ll be looking at a minimum of around £100 to repair.


Squeaking… Clicking… Rattling… These are all sounds you probably are used to by now but these are some of the sounds your computer can make when something’s wrong. Have you noticed any unusual sounds recently? Sound can be one of the key indications of a major imminent failure.

What can I do?

Firstly, if you notice any sounds that are unusual don’t ignore them! It’s worth asking a professional for advice if your computer starts making strange sounds – after all, it’s not a musical instrument! Doing so could end up saving £££’s or better; your data.


I make the risks sound much worse than they actually are – please don’t be terrified of using a computer. Unfortunately, there’s thing for sure; eventually there will be an problem and depending on how early you notice it and what you do about it. If you are unsure, then it’s best to get a professional’s opinion.


This list is by no means comprehensive – there’s thousands of problems that could occur and the possibilities only increase as technology advances. I have only highlighted some of the most common warning signs that people miss – or worse, ignore. Best thing to do is, if in doubt then check it out; take it to a professional or have a look on the internet for what other people say.