The Password Manager

3 minute read

Isn’t the internet amazing? We can do so much on it nowadays. We can shop, research, communicate and much more. Actually, why don’t we go shopping right now? Okay, I need some Tea, oh wait, I have to log in first? Errrrrrr… What’s my password? sigh If only I had a password manager…

The Problem with the Internet

I’ll start off by saying I have more than 300 accounts across many, many websites. Most people would use one or two passwords across all of their accounts (screams inside). It’s all well and good saying people shouldn’t do that. It’s fine saying everyone should have a unique 8+ character password with a minimum of 1 symbol, an upper case letter and a number. Problem is, virtually no one is going to do this because it’s too much effort.

Some companies offer what is known as Single Sign-On (SSO for short), Microsoft and Google are good examples. You can access your (modern) Windows Computer, Skype, OneDrive, Office, Xbox, Outlook and much more with a single Microsoft account. Google services are no different - YouTube, Google Mail, Google Drive and so on all use the same login. There’s also websites that allow you to use your Facebook or Twitter account to log in. There’s a few problems with both of these, notably, the main advantage is the biggest flaw. If your account gets compromised then it’s a much bigger problem. But ignoring the downsides of SSO, there’s no way any of us could have a “golden login” that we use for all the websites on the internet anyway.

The Solution

For the past couple of years I have been using what is known as a Password Manager. Basically, it stores all my credentials for every website I use. This means I can and do have a unique, long, complex and randomly generated password for each and every site. The Password Manager can even generate the passwords for me.

The manager I personally use and recommend is called LastPass. It’s totally free to use but there are some limitations which won’t affect most people. If you do need the other features then there’s LastPass premium which is only $12 a year. Also, if you sign up with this link both you and I get a free month of premium.

Why you should use LastPass:

  • Single login to access all your accounts.
  • Only remember one, secure password. The “Master Password” for LastPass.
  • Automatic entry of credentials on websites.
  • It’s free or very cheap.
  • LastPass’ approach to security is great.
  • Multi factor authentication to protect your account (eg, you need a code from your phone to log in as well as your credentials – this stops people from being able to access your account if your credentials are compromised.)
  • It’s really simple to use
  • UNIQUE, complex passwords for each service.
  • Synchronised between computers and phones (you’ll need premium to use LastPass across multiple device types eg laptops and phones).

There’s really no excuse for not using a password manager. They’re so simple to use and it’s so easy to use proper, secure passwords whilst still only having to remember ONE. Go sign up and get a free month of premium by clicking here.