How to: Synchronizing the Clock on Windows

1 minute read

Time is a strange thing, we can’t stop it, we can’t control it but we can use it. We use it to coordinate with others, to cook our meals and many, many other things. As you probably know Windows has a clock at the bottom right of the screen, the time on Windows does more than you may expect.

What is time so important for my computer?

Sending an email? Playing a game with a friend? Viewing this webpage? Time is critical for them all to function. Technology relies extensively on time, time is critical when it comes digital security, encryption, authentication, firewalls, communication and many more things rely heavily on it. The internet would simply not work if everyone was operating on a different time. Here, I shall show you how to synchronise the clock on Windows.

How to synchronise the time on Windows

Press the Windows Key and R simultaneously.

In the box that appears enter “timedate.cpl” as seen below, then press Enter.

In the window that appears click or tap the “Internet Time” tab which should display a window like this:

Now press “Change Settings” and finally click “Update Now”


With any luck all should work and the window should now display a successful message similar to the following:

Whilst it may seem simple it’s surprising how few know how to do it. I hope this is useful when syncing the time is something you need to do.